About Us


We're Alex and Max and we created Baking for Bee Bop, an initiative designed to help raise money to fund research for Alzheimer's disease. Unfortunately, we lost our grandma, aka, Bee Bop, to this awful disease.  Our hope is to raise $100,000  to help find a cure so that other grandchildren will not have to  suffer the same loss that we did.

To raise money, we bake chocolate chip cookies and sell them at local community events, the little league field where we play baseball and other venues. We also bake cookies for residents at a local memory care center, and bring them over for snack time.  Like Bee Bop, the residents love them!

Through Baking for Bee Bop, YOU CAN HELP TOO!

Join our mailing list at the bottom of this page to receive information about purchasing virtual chocolate chip cookies for yourself or someone special in your life. All of the money raised through these cookie sales will go directly to the Alzheimers Association to help find a cure for this disease,

Thank you and have a sweet day!

Alex and Max